We never want to stop learning, or sharing our experiences to help others learn. In our ever-evolving field, delivering a great user experience goes hand-in-hand with innovation. These are just a couple of reasons why our team attends several conferences each year; whether it’s to learn about new trends in design or customer experience, or […]

About a month ago NuoDB, a tech startup in Cambridge, MA, reached out to us to help redesign its website. Our client was looking for a solution that could support a couple of primary call-to-actions, communicate NuoDB’s value proposition and provide the best possible user experience for their prospective customers. Today, we’re very excited to announce

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Here at Above The Fold, we know that “raising” a successful software product takes a village. No one person or discipline can produce the best solution in a silo; it takes collaboration across all teams within an organization. That’s why we’re excited to be speaking and sponsoring the second annual Northeast PHP Conference (@NEPHP) this

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All too often, I have heard, “I really need a UX designer.” After investigating the person’s need a little further, I found out that they were confusing a UX designer with a UI designer. This semantic conundrum triggered my exploration into a topic I call Solution Design, and for the past year, I’ve been giving a talk that

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“[Usability testing] blew a Buick-sized crater in my design and architecture – in the best way possible.” – Adam Friedman and Kalman Gacs, MA Election Stats Two years ago, Boston PHP and Above the Fold teamed up with Steve Krug to create a hands-on usability testing event: a speed-dating-style series of quick usability tests that gave attendees the chance

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4 Game Mechanics to Engage your Users The integration of game mechanics into an application or website, known as  “gamification” is used to increase participation and engagement. As user experience designers, we are constantly seeking new ways to engage users, so gamification is assumed to be a natural step. But gamification is more than just

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