The Illusion of Speed – Joe Baz on Yottaa

Is time your perception, or reality?Perception is reality – this adage is more true than you may realize. This week, on Yottaa’s Web Performance Optimization blog, Joe Baz is featured with his article, “The Illusion of Speed.” Here’s a snippet of what Joe has to say about perception, reality, and how it affects the user experience:

“One of the most important ways we can achieve an increase in site performance is through increased site usability. That is, create your site to allow the user to accomplish her task as quickly and effortlessly as possible. When the user completes her goal, she is not only satisfied, but perceives the experience as being fast because her time has been valued. (Again, actual site performance is equally important.) To test users’ perceptions of site time, here is a high level A/B test plan to follow…”

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