About a month ago NuoDB, a tech startup in Cambridge, MA, reached out to us to help redesign its website. Our client was looking for a solution that could support a couple of primary call-to-actions, communicate NuoDB’s value proposition and provide the best possible user experience for their prospective customers. Today, we’re very excited to announce […]

Gamifying UX Design

4 Game Mechanics to Engage your Users The integration of game mechanics into an application or website, known as  “gamification” is used to increase participation and engagement. As user experience designers, we are constantly seeking new ways to engage users, so gamification is assumed to be a natural step. But gamification is more than just

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BOO! Though FDR told us “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” everyone has a secret (or not-so-secret) fear. What’s the scariest sight you can imagine? How about the scariest site? This year has been a scary one. Netflix is terrified from their stock drop, Apple is feeling fear over the loss of Steve

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