Prototyping for Product Managers

Prototyping is a great way to map out a design, and to communicate ideas with your colleagues. It can range from quick sketches with a pencil and paper, to being more robust with clickable buttons and links. Robust doesn’t necessarily have to equal time-consuming, though. Money is always a concern when it comes to prototyping – be it time spent creating the prototype, to the tools used. Having a prototype can actually save you money because you can have your customers test the prototype and validate your content, ideas or features before spending money on visual design, development, testing and deployment.

Jim will show you how to create a dynamic prototype using balsamiq, which provides the interaction that pencil and paper can miss, but the with the efficiency and speed that a development-heavy prototype could never have. Using a quick and responsive method for prototyping is sure to keep a project on track, save time, and ultimately, money.

We hope to see you at Jim’s workshop!