A Flock of Thankful Turkeys

It’s Thanksgiving, a time for gratitude and compassion (and overeating). This year has given the Above the Fold team endless reasons to be thankful – from new spaces to new opportunities – here are just a few things that we’re grateful for this season.


NortheasteTurkey_Cristinarn’s Co-Op Program: Because let’s be real, I wouldn’t be here without it. I’m no longer just your average Graphic Design student, trudging through schoolwork and lost without any direction. I have real world experience working in a field I am passionate about before I even graduate college. And for that, I’m extremely thankful.


Turkey_Jim_BowieThe new Above the Fold website: I am thankful for the redesigned Above the Fold website that we launched this summer, and all the hard work our team put into it. It was a long time in coming, but by setting hard deadlines and pooling our collective effort, we were able to accomplish more in 3 months than we had in the previous 2 years of planning, discussing, and designing. It’s something we can all point to and say “We’re proud of this.” And since launching, the new site has been instrumental in helping us grow our business.


Turkey_MeghanUXStrat 2013:Aside from loving any excuse to head down to Atlanta for a few days, this conference was one of the best I’ve attended. A two-day conference, it focused primarily on strategy and pulled together a lot of smart people in one place!




Turkey_Heather_PierreATF Office Space: Back in 2010, we were excited to get our first office space; we had been a remote team until then and were looking forward to collaborating in a real environment. Then, as we grew, it quickly became clear that we needed more space. After months of searching, we struck gold: a place with room for growth, on the 10th floor (what a view!) and amazingly, right next door. The timing was great too; moving in on January 1st gave us a fresh start for 2013 and we haven’t looked back. We found a space we can call home.


Turkey_BrianCooper Design Leadership: This year, I was able to head out to San Francisco and attend Cooper’s Design Leadership bootcamp. I am grateful for the leadership principles and practices I learned around how to promote and get buy-in when it comes to pitching big design ideas.



Turkey_AmyMy New Gig: After 5+ years focusing on the customer experience in the eCommerce space, I was burnt out and pretty cranky. Taking on the role of Marketing, Operations & Events Manager here has revived my creativity, and with the (endless) support of the team here, I have been able to take on new responsibilities constantly. My sense of fulfillment from my job is so profound that friends, family and former colleagues can’t help but say, “You seem so happy!”


Turkey_JoeThe Tech Tax Repeal: I’m especially thankful that the Massachusetts Governor and State legislators repealed the onerous Tech Tax, which was born on July 31 of this year. Had it survived, it would have impacted Above the Fold, as well as small technology-related businesses across the entire state.