Learn UX Basics! – A Free Webinar Series

The key to great UX starts with the user. But how do you get to the user? And what do you do, once you’ve got the user? Above the Fold is offering a free 3-part webinar series to help get you learn the basics for creating great user experiences:


UX Basics for Beginners (and Professionals)

March 12 @ 12pm Eastern

UX Basics for SaaS and Startups

April 9 @ 12pm Eastern

UX Basics for Developers, Marketers, and Recruiters

May 21 @ 12pm Eastern

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What is UX?

Dr. Donald Norman, co-founder of the Nielsen Norman Group and former vice-president of Apple Computers, coined the term “user experience” (UX) to describe design centered on the user’s wants and needs – an experience that gets beyond business goals and digs into users’ goals..

Why is UX important?

Everyday, regardless of who you are or what you do, you have experiences, which lead to further action. For example, a delightful interaction with Pandora’s music genome project might stick with you, causing you to share the application with friends. Good experiences are the hallmark of brands that earn your loyalty, trust, and business. But bad experiences stick with you too, and one poor interaction can set off a chain reaction of canceled accounts and brand blacklisting. Your customers have experiences too. If you aren’t intentional with your product’s experience, you could be losing these customers, or worse, your reputation.

Why this Webinar?

UX design matters…but creating a great user experience isn’t cut and dry. What delights one person can easily frustrate another. ATF will walk you through the basics of getting started down the path of building a UX that exceeds your customers’ expectations. They’ll show you that good UX design takes into account audience, aesthetics, research, metrics, and more, and show you some easy ways for starting now.
ATF is offering three specific tracks for this Webinar. The first focuses on the very basics, particularly for those heading into the field of UX, and for those who just want to know more. If that sounds like you…

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