Solution Design: The Hidden Side of UX

All too often, I have heard, “I really need a UX designer.” After investigating the person’s need a little further, I found out that they were confusing a UX designer with a UI designer. This semantic conundrum triggered my exploration into a topic I call Solution Design, and for the past year, I’ve been giving a talk that attempts to clear up the confusion between UX and UI, and to get people to focus on what really matters: creatively solving problems and delivering great experiences for customers.

I have given talks about Solution design over the past 12 months, and after getting a lot of feedback from various audiences, I’m happy to say that I’ve finalized the framework of Solution Design. Below are the slides of the final framework. But “final” never means the end in the world of UX. There’s always room for improvement and optimization. Given that, I would love to here your thoughts and questions in the comments section.