“In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, we invite the Boston business community and friends to raise a glass and make a donation to support those impacted by this devastating event.” Last week we posted this request on our blog, and the Boston business community responded. On Thursday, November 15th Boston businesses and friends proved to us that the […]

The need for UX is strong, but not fully understood My mission at the MassTLC unConference was to be a UX design megaphone. This year’s unConference, held at Hynes Convention Center in Boston, was filled with roughly a thousand entrepreneurs and seasoned business professionals looking to network, learn and teach. My goal was to answer all

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Five Basics of Usability

My family has no idea what I do for a living.  Their eyes tend to glaze over when I tell them I’m a UX designer, and I’m pretty sure my mother says a silent prayer that this profession will keep paying my rent.  But user experience isn’t a scary thing. Although psychology is an important

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In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, we invite the Boston business community and friends to raise a glass and make a donation to support those impacted by this devastating event. RSVP Required! Join us at Pizzeria UNO in Harvard Square next Thursday, November 15th at 7pm, to enjoy some appetizers and a drink sponsored by Above the Fold, Fresh Ground, and New

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Tips for UX teams from the world of conference planning If you’re involved in the PHP development community (or if you pay attention to Jared Spool‘s calendar of speaking events), you may have heard of a first-time conference held in August called Northeast PHP (NEPHP). You may have heard that it wasn’t very costly ($99.99 to attend); it

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If you are like most companies today, you probably have at least three basic goals with your website: to create awareness, drive web traffic and ultimately, deliver quality leads. And local Boston company, FastStart Communications, is poised to help businesses with just those things. However, FastStart knows that to be successful in all these areas, you

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“User Experience Design is not all about User Interface.” With one sentence, Joe Baz launched a room full of developers and UX designers into the realm of ideation: the hidden side of UX. If you missed the first annual Northeast PHP Conference this past weekend, watch the video of Joe’s talk now. You’ll learn new ways to solve customer

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“The big thing about gamestorming is that it’s about giving people a way to work together that puts everyone on a roughly level playing field. We just don’t have enough of that.” –Dave Gray In 2010 Dave Gray released the handy book, Gamestorming: A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers, in which he, Sunni Brown,

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A call went out to UX designers across the net, and one extraordinarily qualified designer answered. In this, the 2nd edition of our “fireside chat” video series, we extend a warm welcome to Brian Del Giudice, the newest member of the ATF team. Brian explains why he started working in UXD, gives his view on how companies should approach the

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Through customer interviews ATF learned: 1. Calling is more effective than email when recruiting participants. 2. People get testing fatigue after an hour. 3. A majority of our assumptions were false! If your application doesn’t attract your target audience, your first question should be: why? We regularly help clients answer this question, and recently, we asked

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